Your questions, our answers

Your questions, our answers


You may find here all the answers of your questions concerning Perioline.



How is Perioline different from other periodontal charting software?

Perioline is the leader in online dental charting because of its many features and technological innovations : 100% online charting , data security , gain of time , voice recognition , motion recognition.

Can I benefit from a free demonstration of Perioline ?

Our team can come to your office for a free demonstration or arrange a remote demo and answer to any questions you may have.You can contact us on this number +33(0)186951055 or by mail :

Where are the Perioline Patient data stored ?

Perioline's health data housed in a secure infrastructure that responds to the most demanding security standards in the healthcare field and that is certified by the French Ministry of Health.

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with Stripe which guarantees your safety and security.

What is the configuration and equipment required to use Perioline ?

Perioline is accessible at any time and through any device (smartphone, tablet, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, …) It just requires an Internet connection and a Google Chrome browser. There is no need to download it, it is 100% online.

What do i need to start with Perioline ?

You will only need an internet connection and a Google Chrome browser in order to connect to your Perioline account.

What if i lose my Internet connection  ?

No worries ! All data will be automatically saved. Perioline records data systematically even if you are offline.

What type of network do I require ?

We recommend a wired network for running Bridge-IT over your network as there is information constantly travelling back and forth between the clients and the database.

How much time did Perioline make you save to fill a charting ?

You will be able to make your diagnosis in 20 minutes (for a complete periodontal charting done without assistance) instead of 40 minutes on average.

Can I try Perioline for free ?

You have the opportunity to benefit from our trial offer that allows you to use Perioline for free for 30 days with no obligation to purchase.

How long is my contract ?

Currently, we offer monthly or annual subscriptions .

Can I cancel my subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime . The cancellation of your account will take effect the following month.

What if I need support ?

For any questions or inquiries please contact our technical support team via e-chat on our website .We are always here to help !

Others questions ?

We are always available on this number : +33(0)1 86 95 10 55 or by mail: .